Key financial facts

Just over half of our income comes from rates which means a significant portion comes from other sources

Rates and other income.

Income Source $ (million)
General household rates 74.8
General commercial rates 63.9
Sewerage rates 33.5
Stormwater rates 17.4
Water rates 34.0
Downtown Levy 13.7
Other rates 0.1
Income for capital expenditure 39.6
Revenue from operating activities 122.6
Revenue from investments 23.6
Other income 23.2

Our borrowings and our assets

Borrowings are used to fund assets that will deliver services to Wellington for many years.

Our borrowings and assets.

The Council’s level of debt, in simple terms, equates to a 5.4% mortgage on the city’s assets

Where the money was spent

Cost per resident per year

Economic development


Urban development



Cultural wellbeing

Social and recreation